Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Innovation source(1): Unexpected success

What do you think is considered an 'unexpected success'? Have you encountered any 'unexpected success' personally? Or have you heard of anyone who had achieved that?
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  1. ~When others think that you will not succeed. When you think you yourself will on succeed.
    ~No , not of that i know.
    ~Yes, Macdonald

  2. (1) An unexpected success is a success which one thinks is a failure.
    (2) No!
    (3) Roy Plunkett of Kinetic Chemicals.

  3. I consider 'unexpected success' as a success from something that you do not expect.
    No, I have not,
    Yes, the person who created the post it notes.

  4. Unexpected success, to me, is when one has no or little self-belief that one's doing or innovation will succeed, but in the end, everything went accordingly to plan and succeeded.
    So far, I only encountered one "unexpected success", and that is, learning a trick in soccer. After 2 years, I still haven't mastered it, thinking that I never will until now. So much for the minor "success"
    And yes, I think that the most successful innovation is the failure to make super sticky glue. Instead, it turned into a weaker glue. That's how "Post it!" comes around.

  5. 1. An unexpected success is something that someone thinks is a failure but it turns out to be successful.
    2. No, I have not had any unexpected success
    3. Yes, IBM.

  6. In my opinion, when one , along with others, thinks that his or her product or ideas would not be successful, it actually was a success in one way or another.
    I have yet to have unexpected success but there was once that I did decently well in my worse subject in the examination.

  7. Unexpected access is when you suddenly achieve something unexpectedly, others or even you yourself did not think you would succeed. Or you accidentally discovered something over a failure.

    I have not achieved anything.

    The guy, Dr. Spencer Silver, who accidentally invented the post it note.

  8. What do you think is considered an 'unexpected success'?
    1.When you think that you will not succeed but you did in the end.

    Have you encountered any 'unexpected success' personally? Or have you heard of anyone who had achieved that?
    2a.So far no,
    2b.Yes, it is IBM.

  9. -An unexpected success is when you or someone else thinks it will not succeed but it does succeed in the end.
    -Dr Spencer Silver who accidentally invented the post it.


  10. Unexpected success is when you thought it would not succed but it did.
    Not sure.

  11. I think Unexpected Success is when you achieve some good results unexpectedly which no one , including yourself , did not believe you could do so .
    No , I have not encounter any unexpected success myself .
    Yes , IBM is one example .

  12. To me, an unexpected success is something in which someone thinks that an invention would fail but it actually works and the invention is a success.
    For me, when I was elected to be the vice-head prefect and the head prefect in my primary school, I first thought that my speech would not match up with my other elected friends as my speech was very short and that it was not really meaningful. But in actual fact, I had the most number of votes!
    Also, during PSLE, I had to skip 2 questions, causing me to lose 7 marks, in the maths paper. I was also unsure of some questions' answers. I thought that I would get a B. But when I got my results slip, I got a A*!!!
    (I do not know if these are considered unexpected success.)
    I think that Microsoft's Windows 7 is considered an unexpected success.

    Preston Ngoui

  13. I think unexpected Success is when someone comes up with an idea and many people dont believe that it will work, but it did. It also means when you did something accidently and it created a idea for you to make it sucessful.
    No, i have not encounter any unexpected sucess.
    Yes, i have, it is the Company IBM

  14. Unexpected success, in my opinion, is when you or others thought that you will not succeed, but you still have the will to continue with what you are doing. As I quote: "When there's a will, there's a way"
    This (unexpected success) is one the examples of this quote.

    Yes, I had unexpected success, many times, one of them is around after the PSLE paper for Math, I thought I would get a C. But I still have the will to think that I would still at least pass. After I got my PSLE results, I got a huge shock. I got an A*!

    One example of others is the toothpaste company. When business is low, someone actually made the hole bigger by 1mm. Others thought that is going to be a failure and a silly idea. But it is actually a success!

    Lastly, I have to say that unexpected success comes when you're experiencing a bad time.

  15. What I consider unexpected success will be something that you have invented, or made into a product which you do not expect to have many people buy it. But for some apparent reason, people find it useful or innovative, so more and more people buy the product and the sales of the product is succesful.

    If there is any, I have forgotten, but I will get more oppurtunities in secondary school.

    The line of mac products is a very good example.

  16. Unexpected access is when one succeeds when with out knowing it or thinking oneself not being able to succeed nut succeeded.

    I can't remember any, but it might be possible.

    The toothpaste company was a good example to use. They observed people's behaviour and change the cap to their advantage so they use more of the toothpaste without knowing and buy it more often.

  17. I think an unexpected success is one in which it was not intended but was a side effect, erm like the what? ah yes the post-it-note

  18. Unexpected success is when you think your invention or something is a failure, but it turned out to be successful.

    I, myself, haven't encountered any unexpected success yet.

    Yes, the person who created the post it notes.